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No matter where you are in your journey whether you are starting out in your small business or whether you are trying to navigate the juggle..i’m with you. Managing life and a small business is hard!

Over the past 10 years in business Ive juggled multiple jobs, house renovating, infertility, IVF and now motherhood. I’m not going to tell you it is easy and in all honestly you can never fully master it but you can get better. 

And this where I come in, with my one to one mentoring I’m here to share my personal experiences and provide you my tips and advice as well as be that listening ear throughout it all.

Hi, I'm Nikki

Hi i’m Nikki, I’ve run multiple photography and film businesses, including having my own photography studio for 10 years. I started back in my early twenties and since then, I’ve had quite a journey to get to where I am today. The past 10 years have shaped me to have a better understand of what makes a small business successful and I am a big believer that although money is important, it is not the true measure of success. For me time and flexibility is way more important!


Mentoring packages

Your Investment

Power Hour

Power Hour sessions could be used to help streamline your workflows, manage your time or assist with social media and marketing.

It could be photography or videography related or some time to discuss your personal challenges.

This is completely client-led based on your own needs in your business

£100 per session

Strive for Success mentoring

6 weekly mentoring/coaching course, which allows me to look deeper into your small business.

We’ll do an initial audit, then together we will work on all aspects of your business, starting with lead capture and client marketing right through to delivery. We will also look at personal challenges so you achieve a better workflow for a healthy work/life balance

£500 for 6 weeks

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