My Pre-Wedding Shoot guide!

March 1, 2019

Prewedding shoots are so important and luckily for all my couples I offer complimentary shoots with all my wedding packages, want to know why? Click here to read 7 reasons why to have an engagement shoot.

Pre-wedding shoots however can be a bit daunting, do you and your partner feel awkward in front of a camera or does the idea of kissing in public fills you with dread or are you just worried that you havn’t got anything in your wardrobe to wear! Dont worry I have put together a short guide for all my couples to help you feel ready and relaxed for your shoot!

1. When to have an engagement shoot?

The great news is you can book your engagement shoot any time of the year…so having a summer wedding you may wish to opt for winter engagement shoot or you may just be a sun worshiper like me and do both in summer! Its entirely up to you…one thing I ask my couples to do is have a little think about what they would they within their pictures…do you like the idea of autumn leaves, bluebells or sunset shoots in the lavender fields? Do you want to be cosy and wrapped up or would you prefer to be wearing shorts and sandals? I’m not going to lie the most popular time for engagement shoots tends to be Spring so if you are thinking of this time of year then I recommend booking it in early 🙂


I recommend you consider somewhere which is personal to you both, whether thats where you had your first date, where you got engaged or where you just walk the dog! I am happy to hear your suggestions. Don’t overthink the location…sometimes simple is best! Alternatively if you have seen somewhere on my portfolio where you like…ask me! I am happy to recommend some of my favourite little hideaways 😀

Ideal time?

Timings can make a big difference to your photos..if you are choosing a summer engagement shoot I would personally recommend an evening shoot as the light is softer. My favourite time would be golden hour which is sunset..I would however be open for a sunrise shoot too! Any takers?

What to wear?

M photography is light and bright so whites or lights tend to compliment my style. I suggest trying to co-ordinate your clothes – try to match colours – plain is better over pattens or with logos! Be comfortable and dress for your surroundings!

Will we need to pose?

I don’t think many couples actually arrive at their shoot feeling happy to pose…in fact I think many feel abit nervous and its for this reason I love to do these shoots! I can show you that you don’t have to do anything you dont feel natural doing! My job is to get to know you both and how you feel comfortable with each other and in front of the camera! and just a heads up…sometimes what feels like an awkward giggle works wonders for the shot!

How long will an engagement shoot last?

These shoots last 30-45 minutes…although some of that time will be walking around finding the best areas to shoot and just chatting about your wedding 😀

Can we bring props?

Of course! If you have ideas…or need a picture for your save the dates then let me know …I love new ideas!

Whats my key advice for you?

Have fun! Take this as an opportunity to step away from wedding planning and have an hour together! Dont take it to seriously…sometimes my best ones are the fun ones!